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5 Things to Do in Knoxville TN After Enjoying Breakfast With Us

Are you ready for a day of adventure in Knoxville TN? After enjoying a delicious breakfast at Scrambled Jake’s Breakfast Company, it’s time to explore all the exciting things this incredible city has to offer. With a wide variety of activities, there’s something here for everyone. Here are some of the best things to do in Knoxville TN after you have breakfast with us:

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4 Reasons Why We Serve the Best Breakfast in Knoxville

There’s nothing like a good breakfast to get your day started right, so if you’re looking for the best breakfast spot in Knoxville, look no further than Scrambled Jake’s Breakfast Company! These are some of the main reasons why our restaurant serves the best breakfast in Knoxville:

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9 Bennys and Scramblers to Enjoy at Scrambled Jake’s

The meals here at Scrambled Jake’s are egg-cellent! Scrambled Jake’s serves up an awesome selection of egg dishes that are sure to hit the spot! Our menu features several different egg benedict meals, or bennys, as well as multiple different scramblers so you can be sure to get your protein fix. We only use farm fresh, cage-free eggs that come to us from right down the road in Sevierville! Here are 9 bennys and scramblers to enjoy at Scrambled Jake’s:

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Best Brunch in Knoxville: 3 Ways Our Restaurant Elevates Brunch

Whether you are a first time brunch goer or a brunch connoisseur, our restaurant in Knoxville is a great dining option if you are looking for unique menu items and a fun experience. We serve some of the best brunch in Knoxville, Tennessee, and love welcoming new guests and all our return guests! Are you ready to learn how we make brunch a one of a kind experience? Here are 3 ways our restaurant elevates brunch:

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Top 8 Non-Alcoholic Beverages at Our Knoxville Restaurant

Top 8 Non-Alcoholic Beverages at Our Knoxville Restaurant

The thought of our warm, fluffy Sin-O-Man Rolls is more than enough to get folks out of the bed in the morning! We hope you’ll come visit us at Scrambled Jake’s soon, where we pull out all the stops to put together an impressive spread for you and the family to start the day off on the right foot! Featuring a menu full of all the breakfast classics, you’ll find something that tickles your taste buds at Scrambled Jake’s. Now, you just need something tasty to wash it all down! Here are the top 8 alcoholic beverages at our Knoxville restaurant:

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5 Kid Friendly Knoxville Activities to Enjoy After Visiting Us

You smell that? Those warm and delightful fresh cinnamon smells will waft into your nose when you walk through the doors of Scrambled Jake’s! After you visit us for breakfast and enjoy one of our famous Sin-O-Man Rolls, there’s plenty of fun stuff around Knoxville for you and the whole family to explore! Your children are sure to have a fun and exciting time with so much to do in the city. Here are 5 kid friendly Knoxville activities to enjoy after visiting us:

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3 Things to Enjoy at Our Knoxville Restaurant This Winter

It can become quite cold, windy and snowy in beautiful Knoxville every winter. That makes for an incredible experience, but make sure you stay warm! There’s no better way to warm up than with a visit to Scrambled Jake’s Breakfast Company! First off, the food and drinks are to die for! Delicious breakfast classics are balanced on the menu with specialty items, making for a feast fit for our favorite Knoxville guests! Here are 3 things to enjoy at our Knoxville restaurant this winter:

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4 Knoxville Attractions To Visit After Enjoying Breakfast With Us

Welcome to Scrambled Jake’s Breakfast Company, where you’ll find delicious signature breakfast and brunch dishes in a relaxed, casual dining setting! Fresh ingredients are transformed into a variety of egg and omelet plates, eggs benedicts options and scramblers — all of which use cage-free eggs straight from nearby Sevierville! There’s no better way to start a busy day in Knoxville than with a filling and tasty breakfast at Scrambled Jake’s! Here are 4 Knoxville attractions to visit after enjoying breakfast or brunch with us:

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5 Fun Facts About Our Knoxville Restaurant

If you’ve dined with us before, you know how tasty the food is at Scrambled Jake’s! If you haven’t joined us before, what are you waiting for?! Start your day off right with a delicious breakfast meal at our Knoxville restaurant! You might be familiar with Scrambled Jake’s if you’ve visited before, but there’s even more about us that you might not know! Here are 5 fun facts about our Knoxville restaurant:

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3 Reasons Why We Have The Best Coffee in Knoxville

Are you searching for the best place to have a great cup of coffee in Knoxville? Our restaurant prepares many different delicious coffee options including French press, drip, and cold brew coffee! Pair you coffee of choice with our many tasty food options! Start your day off right with a fresh cup of joe and pair it with a tasty item off our menu. Here are 3 reasons why we have the best coffee in Knoxville:

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4 Items on Our Toast Menu You Have To Try at the Best Restaurant in Knoxville

At our breakfast restaurant in Knoxville, we have a wide variety of delicious breakfast foods ready to start you off for your day! On our main menu, you can find our “Let’s Have A Toast” section featuring tasty and unique toast dishes made fresh for you! From toast dishes containing wild caught salmon to shaved prosciutto, there will be toast you can enjoy. Here are 4 items on our toast menu you have to try at the best restaurant in Knoxville:

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