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4 Knoxville Attractions To Visit After Enjoying Breakfast With Us

Welcome to Scrambled Jake’s Breakfast Company, where you’ll find delicious signature breakfast and brunch dishes in a relaxed, casual dining setting! Fresh ingredients are transformed into a variety of egg and omelet plates, eggs benedicts options and scramblers — all of which use cage-free eggs straight from nearby Sevierville! There’s no better way to start a busy day in Knoxville than with a filling and tasty breakfast at Scrambled Jake’s! Here are 4 Knoxville attractions to visit after enjoying breakfast or brunch with us:

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5 Fun Facts About Our Knoxville Restaurant

If you’ve dined with us before, you know how tasty the food is at Scrambled Jake’s! If you haven’t joined us before, what are you waiting for?! Start your day off right with a delicious breakfast meal at our Knoxville restaurant! You might be familiar with Scrambled Jake’s if you’ve visited before, but there’s even more about us that you might not know! Here are 5 fun facts about our Knoxville restaurant:

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3 Reasons Why We Have The Best Coffee in Knoxville

Are you searching for the best place to have a great cup of coffee in Knoxville? Our restaurant prepares many different delicious coffee options including French press, drip, and cold brew coffee! Pair you coffee of choice with our many tasty food options! Start your day off right with a fresh cup of joe and pair it with a tasty item off our menu. Here are 3 reasons why we have the best coffee in Knoxville:

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4 Items on Our Toast Menu You Have To Try at the Best Restaurant in Knoxville

At our breakfast restaurant in Knoxville, we have a wide variety of delicious breakfast foods ready to start you off for your day! On our main menu, you can find our “Let’s Have A Toast” section featuring tasty and unique toast dishes made fresh for you! From toast dishes containing wild caught salmon to shaved prosciutto, there will be toast you can enjoy. Here are 4 items on our toast menu you have to try at the best restaurant in Knoxville:

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4 Reasons Why Our Knoxville Restaurant Breakfast Sides are the Best

Have you ever heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? We ensure you will not only receive a delicious breakfast, but fantastic service as well. We are proud to offer tasty a la carte items in our family friendly establishment. An amazing side is the key to your breakfast meal. We have compiled the reasons why our Knoxville restaurant sides are the best:

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5 Reasons Why We Have the Best Knoxville Breakfast Restaurant

There’s no better way to start your day than with an indulgent breakfast full of your favorite dishes! From pancakes covered in sweet syrup to a savory eggs benedict, you won’t want to miss out on eating with us! But what sets us apart from the other places to eat? Keep reading to learn 5 reasons why we have the best Knoxville breakfast restaurant:

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Top 5 Interesting Places to Visit in Knoxville

If you’re in Knoxville, you may be looking for something fun to do while you’re in town. There are plenty of stores for shopping, including all your favorite brands, or you could plan to walk around downtown Knoxville. But what if you’re looking for something that’s not quite the norm? Check out these top 5 interesting places to visit in Knoxville:

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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Online Ordering for Breakfast in Knoxville

We know how busy mornings can get, whether you’re headed off to work or you’re on your way out for the day. Everyone should start the day with a delicious meal that will keep their energy up until later in the day, but what do you do if you don’t have time to make a delicious meal? You don’t have to worry about that any more since we offer online ordering! Check out these 4 reasons why you should use our online ordering for breakfast in Knoxville:

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Top 10 Vegetarian Meals at Our Breakfast Restaurant in Knoxville TN

Everyone is different when it comes to dietary needs and preferences, and we try to accommodate everyone at Scrambled Jake’s! Many people are switching to plant-based diets, and you’ll find all kinds of vegetarian options on our menu! Check out these top 10 vegetarian meals at our breakfast restaurant in Knoxville TN:

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4 Favorites From the Drink Menu at Our Knoxville TN Restaurant

One of the best parts of our restaurant is the incredible drink menu that we offer! Whether you’re in need of some caffeine or want to spice up your brunch with a cocktail, we’ve got you covered! Next time you dine with us, make sure to spend some time browsing our regular and seasonal drink menus. Here are 4 favorites from the drink menu at our Knoxville TN restaurant:

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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Breakfast Restaurant in Knoxville TN

If you’ve eaten with us before, then you know we have incredibly delicious food and drinks for breakfast and brunch! But, there may be a few things you still don’t know about our establishment, and we want to share some of them with you! Check out these 4 things you didn’t know about our breakfast restaurant in Knoxville TN:

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