The meals here at Scrambled Jake’s are egg-cellent! Scrambled Jake’s serves up an awesome selection of egg dishes that are sure to hit the spot! Our menu features several different egg benedict meals, or bennys, as well as multiple different scramblers so you can be sure to get your protein fix. We only use farm fresh, cage-free eggs that come to us from right down the road in Sevierville! Here are 9 bennys and scramblers to enjoy at Scrambled Jake’s:

1. The Traditional Benny

The Traditional is simple yet perfectly executed for that classic eggs benedict taste you’ve been craving! This benny is made from grilled Duroc pitted ham over a split and grilled English muffin with 2 over easy cage-free eggs and real hollandaise.

2. Bagel Benny

bagel bennyHave your benny on a bagel instead of the traditional English muffin! A buttered and grilled sourdough bagel is topped with sun-dried tomato guacamole, sauteed spinach and 2 over easy cage-free eggs and hollandaise.

3. The Rocky Hill Hammer Benny

Remember those days of bologna sandwiches at grandma’s house?! Our Rocky Hill Hammer is made with thick cut bologna on a buttered biscuit with sausage gravy, fresh tomatoes, plus 2 over easy cage-free eggs and hollandaise. There’s nothing wrong with a little nostalgia!

4. Knox Lox Benny

knox lox bennyThe Knox Lox Benny is the perfect option for salmon lovers! We take a sourdough bagel and grill it and butter it before topping it off with dill cream cheese, shaved red onion, smoked wild salmon and 2 over easy cage-free eggs and hollandaise.

5. Summershine Benny

Our Summershine Benny just feels like summer! The Summershine is crafted with grilled summer sausage on a grilled English muffin with German-style mustard, grilled peppers, onions and 2 over easy cage-free eggs and hollandaise. All bennys at Scrambled Jake’s come with our delicious breakfast potato casserole!

6. Fungus Among Us Scrambler

fungus among us scramblerFungus Among Us is a unique scrambler full of incredible flavors! This dish includes 3 cage-free eggs scrambled with shiitake and crimini mushrooms! We then top it with feta and gruyere cheese and bake it over our breakfast potato casserole.

7. Florentine Scrambler

You’ll find a little bit of all things delicious in our Florentine Scrambler! We take 3 cage-free eggs and scramble them up with fresh spinach, cremini mushrooms and some tasty Duroc pitted ham! We top it off with swiss cheese and bake it over breakfast potato casserole.

8. Sonora Scrambler

sonora scrambler at scrambled jake'sThe Sonora is a Mexican-infused scrambler here at Scrambled Jake’s! We scramble up 3 cage-free eggs with fresh avocado and roasted tomatoes before baking it over breakfast potato casserole with white queso and pico de gallo! All of Jake’s scramblers are served with a biscuit.

9. Jake’s Favorite Scrambler

Try Jake’s Favorite the next time you visit our Knoxville restaurant! We scramble up 3 cage-free eggs with pecan smoked bacon, sauteed onions and tomato confit! We top this scrambler with American cheese before baking it over breakfast potato casserole.

These bennys and scramblers from Scrambled Jake’s are overflowing with flavor! If eggs aren’t your things, check out our full menu, where you’ll find something you will love!

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