At our breakfast restaurant in Knoxville, we have a wide variety of delicious breakfast foods ready to start you off for your day! On our main menu, you can find our “Let’s Have A Toast” section featuring tasty and unique toast dishes made fresh for you! From toast dishes containing wild caught salmon to shaved prosciutto, there will be toast you can enjoy. Here are 4 items on our toast menu you have to try at the best restaurant in Knoxville:

1. Avocado Toast

avocado on toastAvocado Toast has become increasingly popular to eat in the past few years! Sometimes called nature’s mayonnaise, avocado is a naturally healthy and satisfying fruit. It pairs well with tasty whole grain bread and seasonings. At our best restaurant in Knoxville, we have our own version of Avocado Toast on our Toast Menu. We take only the best avocados to make our fresh guacamole! Once our guacamole is mixed, we generously spread it on toasted sprouted grain bread. To complete the delicious dish, we top it with one cage free egg. We recommend pairing your toast with one of our Signature Drinks like our Strawberry Smash or Citrus Smash!

2. Lox and Lox of Toast

If you are looking for a refreshing dish and are a fan of fish, consider ordering our Lox and Lox of Toast. We take our delicious dill cream cheese and spread it on toasted sprouted bread. Next, we place some wild caught salmon and top it with pickled red onions and tomato confit. Talk about delicious food! You will love the flavor of this dish and especially appreciate the rich taste of the slow cooked tomatoes!

3. Cinnamon Toast

cinnamon toast with whipped creamAre you more into classic toast? Consider ordering our Cinnamon Toast at the best restaurant in Knoxville. This dish comes with 2 slices of toast! We freshly butter our bread and then cover it in brown sugar and cinnamon. Your bread will be perfectly crisp after a short broil in the oven. To complete the toast, we top it with real whipped cream! Nothing beats our classic Cinnamon Toast! If you are a fan of coffee, pair your Cinnamon Toast with our French Press Coffee. We carry our House and Honeybee Coffee Co. Harvest Blend as well as iced coffee options.

4. Here Figgy Figgy

You will love the play on words in this fun dish. Here Figgy Figgy is a savory dish containing pork and figs. We use delicious fig infused goat cheese to give this dish its juicy flavor. The goat cheese is spread on toasted sprouted grain bread. Once the cheese is spread, we top the toast with shaved prosciutto and honey crisp apples. This mouthwatering delicious and crisp dish will inspire your senses!

You just learned about 4 items on our toast menu you have to try at the best restaurant in Knoxville. We are sure you will fall in love with one of these delicious toast options. Explore our full menu and start planning your next meal with us! We can’t wait for you to dine with us in Knoxville!

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