Whether you are a first time brunch goer or a brunch connoisseur, our restaurant in Knoxville is a great dining option if you are looking for unique menu items and a fun experience. We serve some of the best brunch in Knoxville, Tennessee, and love welcoming new guests and all our return guests! Are you ready to learn how we make brunch a one of a kind experience? Here are 3 ways our restaurant elevates brunch:

1. The Savory Items on the Menu

cinnamon rollsMany people who enjoy brunch love to indulge in savory items. If you are planning to have brunch in Knoxville, you’ll be happy to know that we have a very diverse menu filled with all types of savory foods. Some of our favorites include our deep fried deviled eggs, Sin-O-Man rolls, savory crepes, Belgian waffles, and breakfast burritos. We can’t go without mentioning our Bennys! We have 5 Eggs Benedict on our menu including our savory Summershine Eggs Benedict. This hearty dish comes with grilled summer sausage, grilled peppers and onion, and German-style mustard on a grilled English muffin. We are not done yet! This dish also comes with two over-easy eggs that are topped with hollandaise. We bet you are hungry after hearing about some of the items we have at our breakfast restaurant in Knoxville!

2. Our Dedicated Staff

Did you know we start preparing our handmade Sin-O-Man rolls, biscuits, and bread before sunrise? Our dedicated staff is one of the reasons why we have the best brunch in Knoxville. From our chefs to our servers, we aim to make sure you have an amazing dining experience! We truly mesh the urban city with the rustic feel of the mountains of East Tennessee in our restaurant’s decor, food, and hospitality. Our Knoxville brunch restaurant is focused on providing a relaxed and casual dining experience and looks forward to welcoming you back! Be sure to tell all your friends about us!

3. The Unique Seasonal Drinks

mimosaDo you love a good brunch drink to pair with your delicious dish? Another way we elevate brunch is by offering unique seasonal drinks! Each season we change up our drinks. During the summer, we have Summer Margarita Madness! This fun special comes with a choice of flavor, Tequila, and size. Not a fan of margaritas or just want something different? You can order one of our seasonal rita-mosas. When it’s winter, enjoy our warm drinks like our Loaded Hot Cocoa, Hot Buttered Rum, or our White Poinsettia. Our classic drinks are impressive as well! We highly recommend trying our Jake’s Famous Bloody Mary! This delicious drink is made fresh daily with our house-made mix. Our Mimosas are out of this world too! Choose between our Jake’s Signature, The Volunteer, Hummingbird, or Millionaire Mimosa.

You have just learned 3 ways our restaurant elevates brunch. Our Knoxville restaurant definitely stands out in the crowd! Check out these 4 reasons why we’re the best place to get brunch in Knoxville. We look forward to serving you the best brunch ever! 

Scrambled Jake's Breakfast Co.