You smell that? Those warm and delightful fresh cinnamon smells will waft into your nose when you walk through the doors of Scrambled Jake’s! After you visit us for breakfast and enjoy one of our famous Sin-O-Man Rolls, there’s plenty of fun stuff around Knoxville for you and the whole family to explore! Your children are sure to have a fun and exciting time with so much to do in the city. Here are 5 kid friendly Knoxville activities to enjoy after visiting us:

1. See a Show at Knoxville Children’s Theatre

Sometimes nothing can keep your child’s attention and excitement quite like a quality show can! Knoxville Children’s Theatre is a community theater showing both classic and original plays and one of the best Knoxville activities you’ll find around for kids! Shows scheduled for 2023 include Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Tinker Bell, Matilda Jr., Huckleberry Finn and Elf Jr. The Musical, among others. Knoxville Children’s Theatre also offers acting classes for all ages!

2. Visit World’s Fair Park

downtown knoxville with sunsphereThere’s no better way to spend a beautiful Knoxville day after visiting us at Scrambled Jake’s than out at World’s Fair Park! This public park located downtown sits on the former fairgrounds of the 1982 World’s Fair hosted by the city of Knoxville. The one-of-a-kind Sunsphere is a 26-story tall structure in the park, featuring an observation deck with 360-degree views of Knoxville and the surrounding area! The Tennessee Amphitheater often hosts talented musical acts on its stage.

3. Attend Muse Knoxville

Muse Knoxville is a children’s science museum featuring plenty of hands-on activities, exhibits, a planetarium and so much more. Muse Knoxville aims to inspire and empower all children through transformative learning experiences! Your child’s face will light up when he or she explores an endless number of exhibits, like an augmented reality sandbox, a building area with Legos, planks, blocks, towers and trains, a music garden, an outdoor play space, a science garden and many more!

4. Explore Zoo Knoxville

elephant at zoo knoxvilleThere’s something about animals that kids love! Exploring Zoo Knoxville has become one of the favorite Knoxville activities for youngsters of all ages! Billed as one of the top zoological experiences in the southeast, Zoo Knoxville is home to animals like elephants, lions, giraffes, tigers, zebras, gorillas and more! Even better is all the fun and entertaining experiences children can take part in that serve as both educational and inspiring. Animal encounters, a zoo camp and a carousel are just a few activities you’ll find!

5. Ride Three Rivers Rambler

Is your child obsessed with trains? If so, man, do we have the best Knoxville activity for you! Three Rivers Rambler is a tourist train operation that takes visitors on a scenic and memorable journey from downtown Knoxville to the start of the Tennessee River! The train leaves from a depot located at University Commons on the campus of the University of Tennessee with plenty of free parking. Make sure to check out the many stores and restaurants that surround the train depot.

The entire family is going to love these exciting kid friendly Knoxville activities that we hope you’ll visit after a hearty breakfast at Scrambled Jake’s! Adults, don’t worry! There are plenty of great Knoxville attractions for you to enjoy too!

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