The thought of our warm, fluffy Sin-O-Man Rolls is more than enough to get folks out of the bed in the morning! We hope you’ll come visit us at Scrambled Jake’s soon, where we pull out all the stops to put together an impressive spread for you and the family to start the day off on the right foot! Featuring a menu full of all the breakfast classics, you’ll find something that tickles your taste buds at Scrambled Jake’s. Now, you just need something tasty to wash it all down! Here are the top 8 alcoholic beverages at our Knoxville restaurant:

1. Carrot Top

We offer a variety of signature drinks made of fresh juices that are both great tasting and healthy! The Carrot Top is made of carrot, apple, orange and lime and is the perfect healthy complement to any breakfast dish at Scrambled Jake’s!

2. Citrus Splash

scrambled jakes juicesIt’s like taking a dive into a giant pool of your favorite citrus flavors! This drink is made of orange juice, lemon and lime juice and simple syrup. This popular signature drink is a favorite among visitors at our Knoxville restaurant!

3. Strawberry Smash

Nothing beats the taste of fresh strawberries perfectly picked at the right time! Our Strawberry Smash signature drink is made of strawberries, orange juice, lime juice and simple syrup. All 3 of the above signature drinks can be spiked, if you decide your drink needs a bit of a kick! Add a shot of Deep Eddy’s or a shot of Jose Cuervo Especial Silver for an extra charge.

4. French Press Coffee

coffee signTime to get those eyes opened up wide! We can totally understand needing that first cup of coffee before being functional in the mornings, which is why we make sure to make it delicious each day! Either choose our house coffee made from espresso beans or try the Harvest Blend from Honeybee Coffee Company.

5. Ole’ Smoky Mocktail

We’re happy to serve a pair of mocktails — a cocktail style beverage without alcoholic ingredients! Our Ole’ Smoky mocktail is made with honey-ginger syrup, lemon juice, club soda and liquid smoke spritz. This drink has the perfect amount of sweetness mixed with tartness and a little smokeyness!

6. Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

scrambled jakes orange juice

Each morning when we arrive at the crack of dawn, one of the first things we do is make our freshly squeezed orange juice! Full of that familiar citrus taste and overflowing with vitamin C, phosphate and potassium, you can’t go wrong with a glass of our orange juice to start your morning!

7. Southern Belle Mocktail

You’ll feel like the belle of the ball when drinking this mocktail at our Knoxville restaurant! Our Southern Belle mocktail is made from strawberry and lemon juice, fig jam and club soda.

8. Hot Tea

hot teaAh, an old classic! What kind of Knoxville restaurant would we be without serving great tea? Choose from Bigelow Black or Herbal Tea Blends. We’re more than happy to brew you a nice warm cup up!

You can’t go wrong choosing from any of these non-alcoholic beverages at our Knoxville restaurant! If you’re looking for drinks with some sauce, check out our top alcoholic drinks at Scrambled Jake’s!

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