Brunch is always a delicious meal and a favorite of many people around the world! When you combine brunch food and our tasty drinks, it gets even better. Here are the top 10 alcoholic drinks on the brunch menu at our Knoxville restaurant:

1. Jake’s Famous Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary signThere is a reason we call it Jake’s Famous Bloody Mary at our Knoxville restaurant! This drink is absolutely delicious and is great to pair with our breakfast items. We make our house-made bloody mary mix fresh daily and add tasty garnishes sure to impress. Choose between Deep Eddy’s, Tito’s, or Grey Goose Vodka and then let us know how spicy you want it! You’ll love this delicious drink.

2. Jake’s Signature Mimosa

Our Jake’s Signature Mimosa is fruity and flavorful! This delicious drink includes champagne and fresh squeezed Valencia orange juice. You will love to snack on the fruit we add as a garnish. Order it either in a glass or a carafe to share!

3. The Volunteer Mimosa

mimosaIf you are a fan of peaches, the Volunteer Mimosa may be a great option for you! This drink contains champagne and DeKuyper Peach Schnapps with peach puree and fresh squeezed Valencia orange juice. Peachy delicious!

4. Hummingbird Mimosa

The Hummingbird is a flavorful and refreshing pineapple mimosa at our Knoxville restaurant. This drink contains champagne, pineapple juice and fresh squeezed Valencia orange juice. You’ll love the tasty coconut and local honey rim!

5. Millionaire Mimosa

Scrambled Jakes MimosasIf you are looking for something unique and tasty, we recommend the Millionaire! This mimosa includes Prosecco, Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, and blueberry puree. The drink is garnished with port wine-soaked berries. Enjoy this tasty combination!

6. Bellini

Our Bellini is all about variety! This drink features Prosecco with a choice of either peach, strawberry, blueberry, or raspberry fruit puree. To top it off, we add fresh fruit as a garnish! Try out one of the Bellini’s with your choice of fruit.

7. Jake’s Sangria

barIf you are more of a wine fan, Jake’s Sangria is recommended for you at our Knoxville restaurant! Choose between red or white wine with peach schnapps. Enjoy some tasty raspberry and blueberry puree and fresh citrus as well. If you prefer cinnamon it is available upon request.

8. Margarita

One thing we do well here at Scrambled Jake’s is margaritas! Our margaritas are made with flavorful traditional lime or blood orange and your choice of Espolon Reposado or Patron Silver Tequila. Be sure to ask for a salted rim and lime to squeeze in your delicious drink!

9. Tequila Sunrise

oranges being squeezedAnother cocktail we serve is our tasty Tequila Sunrise. We use fresh orange juice and add some grenadine syrup to this delicious classic drink. Choose between Espolon Reposado or Patron Silver Tequila.

10. Screwdriver

If you are interested in Vodka based drinks, a Screwdriver would be a good option. We use our delicious fresh orange juice and mix it with your choice of either Deep Eddy’s, Tito’s, or Grey Goose Vodka. You’ll love it!

Now you know the top 10 alcoholic drinks on the brunch menu at our Knoxville restaurant! You might be wondering what food to pair with your delicious drink. Check out our breakfast menu and start planning your visit today!

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