Did you know that here at our Knoxville restaurant, we have a delicious drink menu in addition to our many food offerings? Although we do offer alcoholic options, today we are focusing on some of the best non-alcoholic drinks to pair with dishes here at Scrambled Jake’s. From classic pairings to inventive combinations, here are some of our favorite food and drink pairings at our Knoxville restaurant:

1. Classic Cheese Omelet and Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

One of the most classic breakfast pairings, eggs and orange juice are a tried and true favorite. Our classic cheese omelet consists of three whipped eggs folded with aged cheddar, topped with gruyere cheese, alfredo sauce, and fresh chives. As for our orange juice, it is freshly squeezed daily to provide you with great quality and taste. Plus, you will get a breakfast potato casserole along with your omelet to complete this meal.

2. Belgian Waffles and Sparkling Lavender Lemonade

belgian wafflesAnother tasty pairing at our Knoxville restaurant, our Belgian Waffles can be paired up with our Sparkling Lavender Lemonade for a sweet treat to start your day! Our Belgian Waffles are served with sweet cream butter, powdered sugar, syrup, and pecan smoked bacon, while our Sparkling Lavender Lemonade is made with lemon juice, Sprite, lavender syrup, and fresh berries! We suggest getting fresh berries on top of your Belgian Waffles as well to complete this excellent pairing.

3. Coffee Infused French Toast and Chocolate Covered Almond Cold Brew

For all the coffee-lovers out there, this option is for you. Pair our Coffee Infused French Toast with our Chocolate Covered Almond Cold Brew for an incredible blend of coffee flavors. To prepare this meal, we soak a baguette in coffee infused custard, fry it in butter, then top it with caramel, powdered sugar, and real whipped cream. Then our Chocolate Covered Almond Cold Brew is made with our signature cold brew mix, almond syrup, milk, whipped cream, and a chocolate drizzle!

4. Pancakes and Hot Cocoa

Scrambled Jakes PancakesA simple but delicious pairing that you can get here at our Knoxville restaurant, pancakes and hot cocoa can be the perfect choice for a cold day! Our fluffy pancakes are served with whipped sweet cream butter and syrup, and can be topped with granola and honey, chocolate chips, fresh blueberries, or real whipped cream. They will be perfect for enjoying alongside a cup of hot cocoa right here at Scrambled Jake’s.

5. Chocolate Croissants and French Press Coffee

A lighter pairing that you can get here at our Knoxville restaurant are our Chocolate Croissants and our French Press Coffee. Choose between three or five flaky house-baked chocolate croissants topped with sweetened cocoa that you can enjoy alongside a cup of our French Press Coffee with specialty house-made creamers.

These are just some of the delicious food and drink pairings that you can enjoy here at our Knoxville restaurant. The best part is that you can mix and match these various food and drink options to find the perfect meal when you come to visit us. Check out our full food and drink menus today and get ready for a delicious culinary adventure at Scrambled Jake’s!

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