For lots of families, visiting Knoxville means one thing for certain — a visit to Scrambled Jake’s Breakfast Company! Here at our Knoxville restaurant, we are proud to be a family-favorite dining spot and are dedicated to providing a great dining experience to everyone who walks through our doors. Here are some of the top reasons why families love eating with us at our Knoxville restaurant:

1. Delicious Breakfast Classics

One of the main reasons why families love our Knoxville restaurant is our selection of incredible breakfast favorites. Dishes like Jake’s Favorite Scrambler, our Belgian waffles, and our wide range of omelet options mean that you will always have plenty of choices when you come to eat with us. And if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth as well, you can’t go wrong with the Sin-o-Man roll, which is handmade each morning and topped with cream cheese icing!

2. Featured Signature Dishes

Naan Breakfast PizzaIn addition to the classic breakfast favorites that we offer here at our Knoxville restaurant, we also have a selection of featured dishes that have been created by our executive chef! For instance, our Naan Breakfast Pizza combines fresh mozzarella, pecan smoked bacon, sunny side up eggs, and warm crème fraîche for a unique dish that you can’t get anywhere else. Other featured dishes like our breakfast burrito, spinach mushroom strata, and more, are just another reason to love our Knoxville restaurant!

3. Drink Options for Everyone

While you may already know about our brunch cocktails, you may not know that we have a wide selection of non-alcoholic drink options for the whole family to enjoy! Go for a classic breakfast beverage like apple juice, cranberry juice, or milk, or warm up with a hot beverage like coffee, hot chocolate, or hot tea. You can also try our sparkling lavender lemonade, complete with fresh berries! No matter what type of drink you want to pair with your meal, chances are we’ve got it here at our Knoxville restaurant.

4. Family-Friendly Dining Atmosphere

diningWhen our Knoxville restaurant was founded, the goal was to create a breakfast and brunch restaurant that reflected the character of Knoxville itself — a combination of vivid urban life and the surrounding natural beauty of the mountains. The result is a welcoming and unique dining environment that allows families to immerse themselves in the culture of the region and enjoy amazing meal options!

5. Convenient Location

We are located less than 20 minutes from the center of downtown Knoxville, which makes our restaurant a perfect stop on the way to a day filled with adventures in the city! It’s important to eat a good breakfast in order to get the most out of your time exploring the area, and there’s no place better to have that good breakfast than our Knoxville restaurant. So next time you’re planning a day of fun in Knoxville, make sure to add a stop at our restaurant to your itinerary!

With our delicious meal options, great atmosphere, convenient location, and more, it’s no wonder that families love coming to eat with us at Scrambled Jake’s Breakfast Company. If you’re feeling hungry and are ready to see what all the fuss is about, come visit us today at our Knoxville restaurant!

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