Have you ever heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? We ensure you will not only receive a delicious breakfast, but fantastic service as well. We are proud to offer tasty a la carte items in our family friendly establishment. An amazing side is the key to your breakfast meal. We have compiled the reasons why our Knoxville restaurant sides are the best:

1. Cage Free Eggs

eggs benedict scrambled jake'sA common side ordered on the menu at our Knoxville restaurant is eggs. Every single egg used in our dishes comes from a farm in Sevierville, Tennessee. The eggs are not only farm fresh, but cage free as well. The farm hens have proper food and water and do not stay in cages all day. This provides a more humane environment. We are very proud to supply our guests with local eggs and to support a local farm.

2. The Meat

There are no pre-packaged turkey patties that will cross our plates! Our turkey sausage is made in house with special care and is seasoned to perfection. We only use the best ingredients in our meat to ensure delicious flavor and texture. When you order a turkey sausage as your side dish, you’ll be happy to know it is fresh. Another meat side we offer is Duroc Pit Ham. Duroc Ham is a heritage breed of pork known for its mild flavor and juiciness. It is unique in comparison to other heritage hog breeds. When completely cooked you will find the ham to be rich and savory.

3. The Bread

scrambled jake's french toast with berriesDid you know our Knoxville restaurant French toast and other side dishes are house made? Our culinary team starts early baking fresh loaves of bread for the many dishes as well as for the amazing biscuits. We are aware that some guests may have dietary restrictions and have made it as easy as possible for guests to request a dish to be made gluten free. Our Mama C’s gluten free toast is a great option to those with dietary restrictions who still would like to enjoy a side of bread with their breakfast.

4. Hand Chopped Sides

Did someone say fresh fruit? We take pride in cutting up every piece of fresh fruit for our fruit cup side. Washing the fruit during preparation is a daily task. You will find carefully chopped fruit like strawberries, pineapples, and blueberries in your cup. Our breakfast potato casserole is hand cut as well. We only select the best potatoes and then thinly slice them. The potatoes are seasoned and baked till there is a slight crispy edge. They are sure to pair well with any of our omelets or features.

We have shared with you the reason why our Knoxville restaurant breakfast sides are the best you will find! From house-made bread and turkey sausage to cage-free eggs, you’ll see the care we place in every dish. A la carte items are amazing for completing any breakfast. Ready to eat with us? Check out our menu here. We look forward to seeing you!

Scrambled Jake's Breakfast Co.